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It's that time again!

Come and check out gleek_land, a glee land community with fun challenges for everyone!
There are three great teams: Acapella, Broadway, and Mashup. Tell them fincalian sent you!


A music video! This is the first one I've ever made, so...It's probably bad.


We Got the Beat: Gleeverse challenge 9

This was a fanmix challenge, so click for some good times :D (maybe)

Kurt's Broadway FavoritesCollapse )

GO YOUR OWN WAY: Gleeverse Challenge

This is a challenge for Gleeverse, so click if your interested!

Clicky clickyCollapse )


Written and Directed by Brad Falchuk
Original Air Date: September 23, 2009

I'm here to audition for the role of kickerCollapse )


It's that time again!

That's right, gleeverse pimping time! I'm a little behind schedule due to moving and stuff, but...

Come join gleeverse</lj>  a creative challenge community for fans of Glee. There's something for everyone – fic, puzzles, graphics, games!
Sign up here to compete on one of the three sectional teams:
New Directions, Cheerios or Teachers.


If you do join, I recommend the Cheerios. And when you apply, tell them fincalian from the Cheerios sent you!


Join Gleeverse, Everybody!

Everyone should join gleeverse! This is a great challenge community with a lot of fun people, so if you don't join, your missing out.

A new round is just starting, so get in on the fun! There are three teams, New Directions, the Cheerios, and the Teachers. Click the picture to apply, and tell them fincalian sent you :)


This is a Gleeverse challenge and to get all points, you have to do something for each square on the bingo card.

I finally finished mine. Sorry for the huge pictures and also for some (probably really bad) icons.

YellowCollapse )

ColdCollapse )

LoveCollapse )

YesterdayCollapse )

Free SpaceCollapse )

HelloCollapse )

DarkCollapse )

FinalCollapse )

HateCollapse )


Gleeverse: Challenge 23

A fanmix!

A fanmix for the week before homecoming. At my high school, every day had a theme, so I made a mix for McKinley. I picked a few songs for each theme, I hope you enjoy (even if I didn't write any super long explanations) :D